(We don’t actually dumpster dive.
Well, actually, kinda.)
Dumpster Divers LLC was founded by Chief Executive Officer Emilio Rebollar in 2015 with the help of his family (and a few late night idea sessions with his future business partner, Kyle Tiller). As a Grand Valley State University graduate with a degree in Business Management, Emilio wanted to make full use of the knowledge he gained.

Emilio and Kyle met as movers at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK back in 2014. Not only did they become fast friends (they still call each other ‘Bwosie’ to this day), but they worked together to harness their customer service skills, and increase their overall awesomeness. They also learned about the difference between Customer Service and Customer Experience. This led to the seedling idea of starting a business.

Hey – people have to start somewhere. Utilizing his dad’s old pickup truck and rusty utility trailer, Emilio joined the Waste Management industry. At the exact same time, Kyle went to work in Corporate America, learning how to build businesses. Along the road (and many flat tires later), Emilio slowly grew his small operation to 3 trailers and that pretty Ford.

From the beginning, Emilio’s main objective was to provide customers with the best experience on every job. Creating connections with customers on a social level, yet still being professional *a little* makes for a more memorable experience. Not only did he take pride in what he did, but he aimed to give his customers an excellent experience. After all, our mission is to give you a smooth and stress-free experience, while making sure to reuse, repurpose, and recycle as much as possible.

From 2015 to 2019, as the business grew slowly, they jumped through close to 900 million hoops to try and get loans from banks to grow faster. Finally, it worked! Kyle officially joined in July of 2019 as Chief Operating Officer, as they bought their first truck and set of baby blue dumpsters. Kyle has a degree in Advertising from Grand Valley State University and keeps Emilio laughing so his head doesn’t explode (Emilio is pretty funny too). If Kyle isn’t managing the marketing and operations side of the business, you’ll see him on the trucks delivering those pretty #BabyBlue dumpsters around the city.

In early 2020, Emilio and Kyle were able to purchase a more heavy duty truck and more dumpsters! In addition to their flawless dumpster service, Emilio and Kyle also offered junk removal services that leaves no damage to your home, and demolition services (which certainly damages your home, haha!)

After working through a few attempts at hiring employees, Emilio and Kyle decided to grow with people that understood what they were trying to do. In April of 2022, they hired longtime friend Tony Willis to be Lead Driver. After teaching him the ropes, Tony brought his solid blend of creating a Customer Experience out to our customers and they loved him! Emilio and Kyle have known Tony since 2014 and he's always been great! As he improved, Dumpster Divers LLC named him Driver Supervisor.

They hired Gavin Brennan in October of 2023 and he brought TONS of knowledge from his years of junk removal experience. Thus, we dubbed him out Junk Removal Supervisor! They also hired Armani Johnson at the same time to be their Saturday Supervisor. Armani is also a friend of the business and they knew he had great character and a drive to succeed. Your Dumpster Divers LLC team now stands at 5 people and will grow again!

The demand is there! The loyalty is there! They didn't have a choice! There are no better customers in the world than the ones that understand what Dumpster Divers LLC is trying to do! They are also in the process of franchising the business in the future and are excited to bring this revolution to every place there is!

“We really appreciate all of the love and support you have shown us, Diver Nation! We find a LOT of happiness in providing you the best service in town! *whispers* And also allowing us to be our own bosses *coughs*. Call us and tell your #BabyBlue to #ComeHome today!”

~ Emilio and Kyle and The Team
  • Uniformed, Polite, Careful and Professional Employees

  • Experience – Been in business for 9+ Years

  • Flexibility – We offer 2-hour time slots to match your best availability

  • Fast Response Time – You won’t wait all day to hear back from us

  • Licensed & Insured – We have all the proper licensing and insurance to give you peace of mind

  • Outstanding Reviews from our Amazing customers

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