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Our dedicated team provides prompt and affordable mattress removal services in Grand Rapids, MI, and the surrounding areas.

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Looking for a reliable company to haul away your old mattress?

- Not sure how to dispose of an old mattress responsibly?

- Struggling to fit a bulky mattress into my vehicle?

- Need help with mattress removal after moving or renovation?

- Want to avoid the hassle of mattress disposal?

- Don't want to injure yourself while moving a heavy mattress?

- Looking for eco-friendly options for mattress removal?

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Responsible Mattress Removal Service in Greater Grand Rapids with Dumpster Divers LLC

For hassle-free mattress removal, our skilled team offers efficient and budget-friendly solutions. Whether it's a single mattress or a bulk removal project, we've got you covered. If you're looking for a dependable partner in Grand Rapids for mattress removal, Dumpster Divers LLC simplifies the process for you.

Reach out today for pricing, estimates, and trustworthy services tailored to your mattress removal needs.


Dumpster Divers LLC - Mattress Removal in Grand Rapids

Let us take the burden off your shoulders by removing your old mattresses efficiently and responsibly. Whether it's a twin, queen, or king size, we'll handle it with care, ensuring proper disposal or recycling.

Box Springs
Don't struggle with bulky box springs any longer. Our team is equipped to swiftly remove these cumbersome items from your home, allowing you to reclaim your space without the hassle.


Bed Frames
Upgrade your bedroom without the stress of handling old bed frames. Our skilled professionals will efficiently remove and dispose of your bed frames, leaving you with a clean and clutter-free space.
Say goodbye to that outdated futon taking up valuable space in your home. Let us handle the heavy lifting and removal of your futon, making room for more modern and functional furniture.



Why Choose Us For Your Mattress Needs?

Our Personalized Touch and Expert Service
At Dumpster Divers LLC, we bring a personalized and professional approach to mattress removal. As your local team in Grand Rapids, we understand the importance of tailored solutions for our community.
Our Eco-Friendly Mattress Removal Practices
We're passionate about sustainability and committed to minimizing our environmental impact. By choosing us, you're not just removing mattresses – you're contributing to a greener future. We prioritize eco-friendly practices, including recycling and responsible disposal, ensuring your old mattresses are handled with care.
Precision Handling of Large Debris
With a focus on customer satisfaction, Dumpster Divers LLC is dedicated to making mattress removal a stress-free experience. Whether you choose our mattress removal or any other service, expect friendly service and reliable results.
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The Process

Step 1: Contact Us
Call or text us to set up a free, no-obligation quote on getting rid of any type of mattress or bedding.
Step 2: Get A Quote!
We'll give you a quote based on the sizes and actual location of where your mattress will be when we pick it up.
Step 3: Schedule
Once you approve, we'll schedule your mattress removal pick up on a day and time that will work best for you.
Step 4: The Haul Off
The fun begins! We get to your location and get to work loaded up and hauling off your unwanted mattress or bed.

Ready to say goodbye to your old mattresses and bed frames?

Experience hassle-free removal with our comprehensive mattress and old bed removal services in Grand Rapids. Contact us today to schedule your removal and reclaim your space with ease!

Call Now (616) 375-9962
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