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Greater Grand Rapids, MI

We specialize in expert dismantling and removal of old decks in West Michigan. We swiftly demolish, dismantle, and haul away those old, broken-down structures.

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Looking For Deck Removal Service In The Grand Rapids, MI Area? Let Dumpster Divers LLC Handle It!

Transforming your outdoor space is our expertise; and also, it's FUN! In Greater Grand Rapids and most of West Michigan, we specialize in light demolition services, including the removal of old decks. Our fully equipped crews are ready to dismantle decks of any size or shape, efficiently hauling away all unwanted debris. With this service, we open up valuable space for you to unleash your creative ideas. Deck removal is just one of the many expert services we offer to enhance your property in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas.


We Load It All Up In Our Dumpster And Get It Hauled Away!

At Dumpster Divers LLC, our commitment goes beyond merely breaking down old decks – we ensure a thorough cleanup. When we undertake deck removal, every piece of debris, from screws and bolts to leftover wood pieces, is diligently hauled off. Our meticulous approach guarantees not only a clear space but peace of mind - leaving you with a pristine area ready for your next project.


Dumpster Divers LLC - Deck Removal in West Michigan

Wood Deck Removal

Whether your wood deck is showing signs of age, or deterioration *or you're simply ready for a change*, our team at Dumpster Divers LLC is well-equipped to handle the removal. We efficiently dismantle and haul away wood decks of any size or condition, leaving you with a clean slate for your outdoor space.

Composite Deck Removal

Looking to upgrade from a composite deck or need it removed for other reasons? Count on us for professional composite deck removal services. Our experienced crew ensures the safe and efficient dismantling of composite decks, leaving your property debris-free and ready for the next phase.

Pool Deck Removal

Pool decks play a crucial role in your outdoor oasis, but when it's time for an upgrade or removal, trust Dumpster Divers LLC. Our skilled team specializes in pool deck removal, handling all aspects from dismantling to debris removal. Enjoy a refreshed poolside area with our efficient and reliable services.

Detached Deck Removal

Whether it's a standalone structure or an extension of your home, detached decks pose no challenge for our removal team. We excel in efficiently dismantling and hauling away detached decks, ensuring a seamless process and leaving you with a clear space to re-imagine your outdoor living.


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Why Choose Us For Your Deck Removal Needs?

Quick & Efficient Deck Removal
At Dumpster Divers LLC, we excel at swiftly removing unwanted structures, even if they're sizable. Our expert team ensures a speedy dismantling and removal of your old deck, leaving no dangerous nails or wood pieces behind. Trust us to simplify the entire process, making it as effortless as cutting through butter with a hot knife.Unless it's raining, then it's a regular temperature knife!
Free Deck Removal Estimates
We prioritize transparency in our services, especially when it comes to deck removal. Enjoy the clarity of our free estimates – straightforward, easy to understand, with no hidden fees or surprises for anything we take away. Dumpster Divers LLC is committed to providing honest and clear pricing.
Our Customer-Focused Approach
When it comes to removing substantial structures like decks, we do it with speed and efficiency. We're in and out, leaving only a clear space behind. Our cutting-edge equipment allows us to break down decks into smaller, manageable pieces, making the removal process simple. Sit back, relax, and let us handle all the hard work while you enjoy a stress-free deck removal experience!
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