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Trust our seasoned professionals for all your concrete removal needs in Grand Rapids. With our reliable and efficient services, you can say goodbye to unwanted concrete quickly and affordably.

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Struggling to clear old concrete debris from a renovation project?

- Looking for a way to safely remove cracked concrete from your property?

- Need help with concrete removal after a demolition job?

- Dealing with an unsightly concrete slab that needs removal?

- Not sure where you can find efficient concrete removal services near you?

- Looking for professional help to clear out concrete obstacles from my yard?

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We Provide Concrete Removal in Greater Grand Rapids with Dumpster Divers LLC

For your concrete removal needs, our adept team excels in efficient and cost-effective solutions. Whether it's a small patio or a large driveway, we handle it all. If you seek a dependable partner in Grand Rapids for concrete removal, Dumpster Divers LLC streamlines the process for you.

Contact us now for pricing, estimates, and reliable services tailored to your concrete removal requirements.


Dumpster Divers LLC - Concrete Removal in Grand Rapids

Driveway Debris Clean-Up
Is your old driveway in pieces? We've got the tools to clear it away effortlessly!

Sidewalk Replacement
Cracked or uneven sidewalks dragging down your curb appeal? Let us remove them for a fresh start.

Concrete Patio Demolition
Need to bid farewell to an outdated patio slab? We'll remove it safely, preserving your property's integrity.


Old retaining Walls
We can help take down concrete retaining walls to make way for new landscaping or construction.

Pool Deck Demolition
Looking to redo and improve your pool deck? Our team can help with loading up and hauling away your broken concrete. 

All Other Concrete
Sometimes, you just happen to have an old pile of busted-up concrete on your property, for one reason or another. It's heavy and a pain to get rid of. Whatever the case may be, Dumpster Divers LLC is here to help you get rid of it.



Why Choose Us For Your Light Demolition Needs?

Our Personalized Approach and Community Focus
Dumpster Divers LLC stands as a locally owned and operated venture, deeply committed to serving the Greater Grand Rapids community. Led by a dynamic duo of close friends, we deliver tailored solutions for all your concrete removal needs, ensuring a personalized touch every step of the way.
Environmentally Conscious Practices
At Dumpster Divers LLC, environmental stewardship guides our concrete removal services in Grand Rapids. Our dedicated team prioritizes eco-friendly practices, and this also includes concrete. We make sure that old concrete goes to disposal sites that break down and reuse the materials.
Precision Handling of Large Debris
At Dumpster Divers LLC, our adept team is equipped to expertly dismantle and remove large items with precision and efficiency, and this includes concrete. We come equipped to break down large portions into smaller ones and have dumpsters to load up piles of debris with ease.
What our customers say

The Process

Step 1: Introduction
Call or text us to set up a free, no-obligation consultation. We'll talk over the general project and get comfortable with each other!
Step 2: We Come Take A Look!
We'll come out, take some measurements, talk about the scope of the project, and take pictures before working up a quote.
Step 3: Schedule
Once you approve, we'll schedule your project and begin as soon as you need. We'll talk over all steps and outline prep work.
Step 4: Complete Domination
The fun begins! Upon completion, we'll haul all construction debris away, and leave your site Shop Vac clean!

Ready to bid farewell to unwanted concrete and reclaim your space?

Contact Dumpster Divers LLC today to experience hassle-free concrete removal with our personalized service, eco-friendly practices, and expert handling. Let us streamline the process for you—get in touch now for a free estimate and start your concrete removal project with confidence!

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