The Process

Step 1: Quote
Call or text us for a free, no-obligation quote
Step 2: Measure
We'll come out, take some measurements, and submit a bid
Step 3: Schedule
Once you approve, we'll schedule your project and begin as soon as you need
Step 4: Complete
Upon completion, we'll haul all construction debris away, and leave your site clean!
If your need isn’t listed, give us a call. We are eco-friendly!

  • Kitchen & Bathroom Teardown

  • Wall & Ceiling Teardown

  • Deck and Patio Demolition & Removal

  • Carpet & Flooring Removal (Wood, Laminate, Tile)

  • Garage, Shed & Playset Demolition & Removal

  • Hot Tub Removal


    Are you sick of looking at your old, moldy shed? Or maybe you’re looking to renovate a room of your home, but need experts to complete the task. Dumpster Divers can help deconstruct that outdated bathroom/kitchen to give you a fresh, blank room to remodel.

    We have the knowledge and equipment to take on any project. Demolition is very dangerous and could lead to injury if not done correctly. That’s why you need our services to make sure the job gets done quickly and safely, from start to finish. Plus, we are fun people to be around! We’ll crack a couple hundred jokes throughout the project so you can enjoy life!

    Dumpster Divers is your eco-friendly solution for all your deconstruction and demolition needs. We sort through the deconstructed material to recycle anything we can, or donate it to be repurposed.
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