Gift A Dumpster This Year! Seriously. Do It

December 2, 2020


The Intro

Hey, #DiverNation! We know 2020 has been an absolutely chaotic year – TRUST US! It may have left a crazy spin on your outlook for Christmas. That’s understandable. You may be thinking, “Hey, what the heck should I get Darrell this year? I don’t feel like going to the store.” Similarly, you also don’t want to go to Amazon either. But HOLD ON A SECOND – isn’t Darrell a pack rat? Independent fact checkers have proven that YES – Darrell IS a pack rat. *The fact checkers also said this assertion was missing context, but everything is missing context these days*.

The Solution

Gift a dumpster this year! Next, give us a call at 616-375-9962 and buy a Gift Certificate from us! We will take the info and send you an email with the certificate in it! You can pay any amount; you can do a partial payment to cover some of the dumpster, or you can choose from any of our 10, 15 and 20 yard bins and pay the full amount for a rental!

Then, all your gift’ee has to do is call us, give us their name and confirmation number and we’ll do the rest! It’s nice and easy! It’s also a gift that is ACTUALLY USEFUL! Change somebody’s life today! Give us a call!

In addition, we will also deliver the dumpster in a Santa hat, if that convinces you. Ha! Seriously, we will do that. You and I both know that we need a lot of Christmas cheer this year to push us over the hump. I mean, not that New Years Eve is an actual physical barrier between years. But hey – we do what we can! So, a Santa hat it is!

Gift a dumpster this year! Just click right here Dumpster Rentals and let it fly! We are giving $10 off!
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