Since we got our first truck and 9 dumpsters in 2019, we have been trying to build a system. And not only that - but a system that WORKS. It took a lot of trial and error, and throwing ideas at the wall. But we were slowly building what we thought would work out for YOU as a lovely customer, and US, as trying-to-do-good business people! We layed the foundation in 2019, we added some framing in 2020, we put all the plumbing and electrical in during 2021, and then earlier this year, we added the finishing touches. And we said, "LET THIS BABY RUN!"

And boy, has it run! We set LOFTY goals at the beginning of this year. We said, "well, we've grown at really good rates the past few years. How much should we try to grow this year?" And we decided on THIS - a stupid number that would outpace the last few years' growth. We even said, "Probably won't hit it, but I don't think there are NFL refs around handing out penalties for not hitting the goal." But the difference was - our system was set, and we were running the playbook.

Long story short - we're probably going to hit that goal! And that feels good on MANY different levels! *More to come on that in a second* But since it's almost Thanksgiving, we wanted to give thanks to the things we have done this year to finish the system:
- Defined our logistical patterns to maximize each truck's opportunity
- Moved in to our NEW OFFICE (pic attached when you clicked on this)
- Unveiled our NEW pricing (rentals start at 24 hour price and then go up $20/day from there, so you only have to pay for the time you use)
- Unveiled our NEW website, where you can book everything online like you're ordering a pizza!
- Worked hard at forming relationships with other businesses and signing contracts with them so we could maximize our schedule
- Brought on new employees to help us with our workload so we could focus on other things
- Documented our system and began working with franchise lawyers so that WE CAN TURN THIS INTO A FRANCHISE SYSTEM ACROSS THE COUNTRY!

It has long been our goal to build something not only for ourselves, but for other regular people who have always wanted to own a business but never thought they could, or knew how to even try. Well, we built it for them! Once we get through this process, we'll be able to hand our playbook over and start ACTUALLY rebuilding the Middle Class!

So, thanks to YOU, our lovely custy's, for working with us and forming loyalty with us! You keep coming back and spreading the word, and it has meant a lot this year! We really appreciate you and hope to keep rockin' and rollin' with you for YEARS, baby!"
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