We ARE the New Norm!

August 16, 2023

Hello, #DiverNation! We certainly hope that you are having a great day, or week, or month, or year! We WANT you to be dominating this year!
For us - our dumpster rental, junk removal and demolition services are BEGGING you to understand them! WE WANT TO BE YOUR NEW NORM! "Well, Dumpster Divers, dumpsters aren't important enough for me to create a new norm. I don't have the mental space for it."
And, you know what? We respect that. That makes total sense. Heck, we'd probably say the same thing. BUT, just wanted to pop on here and let you know why we SHOULD take that title in your mind! Take a look at these little benefits right here:
- We offer CUSTOMIZED rentals so you only have to pay for the amount of days that you use. Oh, you only need it for 24 hours?! WORK WITH US! We are the only company that offers that service AND knocks it out of the park. What's another way to say that? YOU PROBABLY DON'T NEED A DUMPSTER FOR 7-10 DAYS, SO WHY PAY FOR IT?
- We offer weight limits that ACTUALLY fit residential customers. Oh, you say that we only offer a 3000lb weight allowance with our 20 yarders, and other companies offer you 6000lbs? So, they must be a better deal, right?! NOT ALWAYS THE CASE! On average, our customers are putting about 2300-2400lbs of debris in this year. So, you'll have a hard time getting close to OUR limit, let alone 6000lbs. What's another way to say that? YOU DON'T NEED THAT MUCH WEIGHT, SO WHY PAY FOR IT?
- We don't have hidden fees. Oh, you say that another company appears to be a better deal than us? We certainly hope you asked if there are any fees to pick it up! That does happen out there, and we have lost potential customers because of it. Now, what happened to those customers? They ended up paying more by the end of it because of added charges
- We work for YOU, not the landfill. We will help you by giving you knowledge on ways you can eliminate extra landfill charges, AND work with you on alternative ways to dispose of certain materials FOR FREE!
- You can book your own services on this site like you're ordering a pizza. OH, YOU DON'T WANT TO TALK TO ANYBODY BECAUSE YOU'RE NERVOUS ABOUT THIS PROCESS AND ARE FEELING SUPER NEW AGE? Perfect! You can do it all yourself and STILL get the best service in town!
- We are just generally awesome to work with. We like to joke around, we like to give you all the knowledge you need, and we like to knock your socks off! Don't even WEAR socks around us!
Give us a call at 616-375-9962 for all of your dumpster rental, junk removal and demolition needs! We'll put a pretty #BabyBlue dumpster in your driveway! Thanks for reading!
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