Fulton Street Market: Food and Beyond

What connects food creators, residents, food artists, and farmers in Grand Rapids? The Fulton Street Market, of course!

And naturally so. 

Few things bring people together better than good food. And this is at the heart of the Fulton Street Market. Established in 1922, the market operates in two seasons; May to October and November to April.

Grand Rapids Food Hub 

On every market day, shoppers get access to dairy products, veggies, flowers, fruits, meat, snacks, handmade crafts, and hot, cooked meals. 

And while this takes center stage (who doesn’t love great food?), the Fulton Street Market has other events, nearly as enchanting.

The first is the spring rummage sale. Aside from good food, we all love a good bargain. You have the chance to find something unique at the rummage sale, albeit used, for a dreamy price. What we love about this at Dumpster Diver's LLC is that it aligns with our mission to reuse, repurpose, and recycle as much as we can. The rummage sale gives used items a second run and keeps them from landfills, and we love the concept.

Another thing the market does is spring cleaning, and you already know how we feel about a clean environment. 

Even better is that the Fulton Street Food Market runs a produce donation program on Saturdays, where  food is distributed to the neighborhood free of charge. Anything that’s left over is taken to the local food pantry. This program supports two objectives. The first is to minimize food wastage, and the second is to improve access to food. 

Also, by running the market, local farmers and businesses get the chance to showcase and sell their produce and wares and donate to the community. 

One thing that we love about the Fulton Market concept is the platform for local farmers to sell produce locally. This reduces food miles, lowering the national carbon footprint. It also does its bit to create a cleaner, sustainable city for residents. As a sustainability-conscious business, this is a concept we fully support at Dumpster Divers LLC. 

Get To Shopping

While there are other places you can shop in the city, nothing beats a good street market with rows upon rows of fresh produce and items screaming your name. The sights, sounds, and conversations with farmers and creatives make this a fuller experience than popping in and out of a store. 

The icing on the cake? You get to support local businesses and make your mark towards a sustainable local economy. 


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