Unleash Your Child's Creativity at the Grand Rapids Children's Museum

As we all know, children’s imaginations naturally inspire play, which keeps growing organically. Come to think about it, how many times has your kid displayed more curiosity in a new toy’s box than the actual toy?

Play cannot be coerced. To engage your children in “work of play,” provide them with a few options and allow them to choose. Well, that’s exactly what Grand Rapids Children’s Museum offers—countless options!

Situated at 11 Sheldon Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, the museum is a fantastic choice for families with kids and also adults who love to play.

Museum Layout and Exhibits

Although the open stairway can make the museum appear to be one huge space, the Grand Rapids Children's Museum actually has two floors of pure fun, each boasting every sensory and interactive experience imaginable.

The museum features several permanent exhibits like the Ranger Station, Little GR, and Bubbles, as well as various rotating exhibits, a few past favorites of which include Kidstruction Zone, Boxes, and Just Fort Fun.

The museum and its facilitators are happy to engage your child in all of these areas, from sensory play to experimenting, building to dressing up, and more. So, there sure is something fun to interest your mini-you… Oh, and you too!

In addition, there’s a Nursing Nook on the lower level, just behind the bathrooms and lockers. Moms can relax in a quiet area on a comfy chair with a curtain they can close for privacy. And to make it even cozier for mom, there’s a small table and lamp.   


Sensory Support

Visiting the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum can be overwhelming for kids with sensory issues. They may feel anxious and find it hard to pay attention due to the noises, lights, colors, and activities. As a result, some special needs parents would prefer to skip a visit altogether. 

But the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum wishes that ALL kids can relish their paradise of learning fun. Therefore, they took steps to establish a safe atmosphere for all kids. The museum now offers Sensory Resource Toolkits, which you can request for checkout at the reception.

A Glimpse into the Sensory Resource Toolkits

·        Fidget tools

·        Noise-reduction headphones

·        Kid-sized weighted compression vests

·        Emotion recognition flashcards

·        Weighted suspenders

·        GRCM’s Social Story, which is a first-hand account of what’s at the museum to help visitors get ready for the exhibits.

However, before visiting the museum, check the website for special programming and scheduled visiting hours.

Hours and Admission

Check out the GRCM website for information on visiting hours and admission.

Let’s Play On

That’s the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum for you: a paradise of learning fun for kids of all ages. As Dumpster Divers LLC, a local business here, we appreciate the museum’s commitment to promoting creativity, inclusivity, and curiosity in our community. With its many exhibits, sensory support resources, and dedication to creating a safe environment for all kids, it will surely be a great experience for your little ones—and perhaps for you too! So, see you there?  


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