Grand Rapids Public Museum: Telling the Grand Rapids Story

Founded in 1854, the Grand Rapids Public Museum stands tall as Michigan’s oldest museum. Over decades upon decades, the museum has opened its doors to world-class exhibits on nature, history, cultural heritage, and more. 

In between absorbing all the available information, you can catch an amazing show and have a meal at the café overlooking the Grand River. Ever thought about the carousels they had back in 1928? Wonder no more: you can see and ride one here.

What You Find Here

The museum does a great job of tackling a wide range of topics. The exhibitions held here have had something on science, discussing themes like ice age and snow, poison, and epidemics. The exhibit on epidemics ran in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 epidemic and helped explain a situation that was confusing and overwhelming to many. 

There is also something on culture and inclusivity in the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Imagery. This gingerly tackles the issue of race in a bid to foster understanding, empathy, and progressive dialogue.

Michigan has a population of 196,908 people, the bulk of whom are white, with other races making up about 40%. The exhibit on race and its objectives on inclusivity speaks to us at the Dumpster Divers LLC because it's this diversity that gives Grand Rapids its charm. 

We are also big believers in unity and communal living, both of which would be impossible to accomplish without empathy, productive dialogue, and a willingness to embrace and celebrate differences.

We are Grand Rapiders at Heart

Dumpster Divers is not just a business in the city: we are Grand Rapiders at heart. It's for this reason that the Grand Rapids Museum is so special to us: it helps preserve and tell people who we are as a city. 

And we exemplify the museum's message by treating each of our customers like they are nothing short of family. 

Go Explore!

It’s always surprising how you can miss something that’s right in front of your eyes, isn’t it? If you just found out this museum exists, or maybe you drive by it but never got curious, this is the time.

This is an excellent place to begin understanding the city and to bring all your out-of-town guests. A lesson in the city's rich culture and history, an old carousel and a hearty meal overlooking the river might just be the thing to make you fall in love with the city a bit more. 



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