John Ball Zoo: Wildlife Conservation and Education at Its Best

The John Ball Zoo is a philanthropic organization that provides a home to, get this: 2,000 animals, representing over 200 species! We bet you are impressed already. 

Here, these animals are nourished with diets that include local produce and given innovative medical care when needed. 

And this is no ordinary zoo. Here, immerse yourself in nature, enjoy the animals, and come out on the other end with a wealth of information. 

What the Zoo Does

Besides providing a haven for thousands of animals, the John Ball Zoo has numerous education programs designed for three-year-olds to adults. 

These provide hands-on, interactive sessions where the Zoo teaches visitors about wildlife conservation and the need to restore and conserve the natural ecosystem.

These onsite and offsite programs allow kids to learn and develop an interest in wildlife and environmental matters early on. Whether this is done in the zoo or through an interactive classroom session, the Zoo ensures each program is as informative yet as fun as possible. 


We Do Our Bit

Dumpster Divers LLC supports the Zoo's conservation efforts in our way. Ours is by removal, proper disposal and even recycling garbage. 

In turn, this provides a better environment, including air quality to ensure Grand Rapids remains clean, has great air quality, and that our eco-systems are well-protected. This is a win for residents, animals, and our flora and fauna.

What You Can Do

The John Ball Zoo is a philanthropy that relies on contributions from well-wishers, conservationists, and animal lovers. You can make charitable contributions to the zoo as part of your CSR efforts. 

To do this, you can sign up for the annual fund, join the Conservation Circle, Sponsor an Animal, or form a corporate partnership. 

Any support is highly welcomed and highly appreciated by us and our animals. 


More than Leisure

The John Ball Zoo allows you and the kids to have a wild, up close, and personal interaction with wildlife and nature. That aside, the zoo has other attractions like zip lines, a fun tram, treehouses, rope courses, and an action-packed playground.

There are tons to do and lots of fun to be had. The icing on the cake is the chance to learn and support an establishment that does its best to take care of precious animals not just at the Zoo in Grand Rapids, but in 30 other countries around the world. 

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