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Looking for light demolition services in West Michigan? Our services include effective and environmentally conscious solutions, making it easy to dismantle and dispose of sizable items/structures.

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Are you on the lookout for dependable professionals to manage minor demolition projects in the Grand Rapids, MI area? Your solution is Dumpster Divers LLC! Whether you're: dealing with the removal of an old hot tub or above-ground pool, taking on a small remodeling project that requires demolition, lacking the necessary equipment or crew for breaking down large items, or simply seeking estimates for demolishing and hauling away debris—we've got your back.


Explore Light Demolition Services in Greater Grand Rapids with Dumpster Divers LLC

Our highly skilled light demolition team specializes in every facet of this work, offering efficient and budget-friendly solutions for whatever it is you need to be broken down and hauled away. If you're in search of a reliable partner in the Grand Rapids area for demolition work, Dumpster Divers LLC is here to simplify the process for you.

Reach out to us today for pricing, estimates, and trustworthy services for your light demolition needs.


Dumpster Divers LLC - Light Demolition in Grand Rapids

Storage Sheds
Transform your space by bidding farewell to that old storage shed. Our shed demolition service in the Greater Grand Rapids, MI area efficiently dismantles and removes unwanted sheds, creating more room in your yard while making it more aesthetically pleasing.

Hot Tubs
Unburden yourself from the hassle of an old hot tub with our professional services. We expertly break down and remove hot tubs, giving you a whole new area of free space; and the removal of the eyesore!

Above Ground Pools
Make a splash with a seamless pool removal process. We ensure the swift and safe dismantling of above-ground pools, making room for whatever you want to take its place.


Garage Demolition
Say goodbye to that rotting, leaning and compromised garage; and hello to S P A C E with our efficient garage demolition skills. If you're looking to remodel or replace that old garage, we're the team to call to give you a blank slate to work with. 

Cabinet Removal
Revamp your living spaces with ease! Our professional light demolition services expertly handle cabinet tear-downs, ensuring a smooth transformation for your kitchen/home and NO ugly damage to walls.

Interior Demolition
We skillfully dismantle and remove walls, tile, plaster, ceilings, carpeting, etc. We'll also haul off all of the debris paving the way for a new, inviting indoor space for your renovation vision.


Why Choose Us For Your Light Demolition Needs?

Our Local Touch and Personalized Service
Dumpster Divers LLC is a locally owned and operated business, dedicated to serving the Greater Grand Rapids area. Led by a dynamic best-friend duo, we take pride in offering personalized solutions for all your light demolition requirements. 
Committed To Being Eco-Friendly
At Dumpster Divers LLC, environmental consciousness is at the core of our light demolition services in Grand Rapids. Our dedicated team takes great strides to donate or recycle most materials collected during projects to promote a cleaner planet - be it dismantling sheds or taking down something like old playground sets!
Expert Handling of Large Items
Dumpster Divers LLC's skilled team is equipped to safely dismantle and remove large items with precision. Equipped with saws and tools, our process from the actual demolition to the debris removal created from it, you can be sure that your project will be handled quickly. Trust us in managing your light demolition project while doing it safely and efficiently.
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The Process

Step 1: Introduction
Call or text us to set up a free, no-obligation consultation. We'll talk over the general project and get comfortable with each other!
Step 2: We Come Take A Look!
We'll come out, take some measurements, talk about the scope of the project, and take pictures before working up a quote.
Step 3: Schedule
Once you approve, we'll schedule your project and begin as soon as you need. We'll talk over all steps and outline prep work.
Step 4: Complete Domination
The fun begins! Upon completion, we'll haul all construction debris away, and leave your site Shop Vac clean!


Take a look at some of our before and after pictures! The hardest part of the job is remembering to take them, but we do have some! These visuals will help you imagine the S P A C E you'll gain and feel the joy of CLEAN!

We have the knowledge and equipment to take on any project. Demolition is very dangerous and could lead to injury if not done correctly. Our services make sure the job gets done quickly and safely, from start to finish. Plus, we are fun people to be around! We’ll crack a couple hundred jokes throughout the project so you can enjoy life!

Dumpster Divers LLC is your eco-friendly solution for all your deconstruction and demolition needs. We sort through the deconstructed material to recycle anything we can, or donate it to be repurposed.

We hope to see you soon!
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