The Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

Gerald R. Ford served as the 38th president of the country. As a child of Michigan, and the only president out of Michigan, is there a better way to study history than with a dedicated Museum?

As you might have guessed, this museum explores the life and times of the former president. This is done through photographs, documents, artifacts, and videos to showcase Ford's dramatic ascension to the most powerful seat in the world. 

Focal Points of the Exhibition

The museum has done a great job of covering many of the key elements of Ford's life including the not-so-pleasant bits of his presidency. Visitors get to see Ford as an Eagle Scout, footballer, and naval officer and the unique way in which he got the vice presidency and the presidency. 

Controversies are also not hidden, as there is information on the Nixon pardon after the Watergate scandal, Vietnamese refugees, and the energy crisis. 

Additionally, the museum comes with a life-size Oval Office and guests can picture the 38th president of the country busy at work running the country. 

For people who caught this era and remember Ford's service alongside the robust Midwestern sense of duty and integrity, this will be an enchanting visit.

Throughout the entire tour, leadership, integrity, and public service are exemplified. And these are values that are dear to us at Dumpster Divers LLC too. So much so, that our mission is a lot more than to collect garbage. At the center of what we do is taking care of our planet, which is why we reuse, repurpose, and recycle as much as possible. 

We also love what we do and it shows. Each job is handled with utmost attention, a smile, and a commitment to the highest levels of service delivery. We hope that this keeps up with Ford's legacy and commitment to service and community involvement. 

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Granted, political stories are not always told interestingly. However, the Gerald R. Ford Museum does a great job of using different mediums to tell an enthralling story. Similarly, historical tours, performances, and programs enrich the experience. 

Everyone who visits this museum is likely to leave with a better understanding of our nation's history, which might spark more interest in national politics and history. All in all, because leadership plays a huge role in shaping our community, country, and even everyday occurrences we rarely think about, it helps to understand some of its nuances. 



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