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We LOVE to dismantle and remove of old sheds in West Michigan. Our teams are here to swiftly demolish, dismantle, and haul away those outdated structures.

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Dumpster Divers LLC Is Your Go-To Solution For Shedding Old Worries!

While sheds are fantastic for storage and maximizing space, the drawbacks of aging structures can't be ignored. An old shed not only ruins the visual appeal of your property but also becomes a potential haven for pests. Moreover, the risk of a decaying shed collapsing poses a danger to you and others, and the less apparent threats of mildew and mold growth could lead to health issues.

Don't let an aging shed tarnish the beauty of your Grand Rapids property. Dumpster Divers LLC is here to provide a swift and safe solution. Whether your shed is constructed from wood, metal, or plastic, our skilled crew is equipped to handle its removal with precision.

If you find yourself with a dilapidated shed that needs to be dismantled, call us today. We'll promptly arrive to tear it down, ensuring the safe removal of all materials and debris, and proper disposal to leave your property looking pristine.



Dumpster Divers LLC - Shed Removal in Grand Rapids, MI

Types Of Sheds We Remove

Metal Sheds

No matter what type of storage shed you want to get rid of—be it metal, wood, or something we've never seen before—rest assured, we're up for the task. Armed with the right tools and an expert team, we can dismantle and haul it away for you. Whether it's large or rusty, we can handle it with ease. Bid farewell to that old shed and let us handle the heavy lifting for you!

Wooden Sheds

Ready to part ways with that aging wooden shed and embrace a fresh start? We've got you covered. Our team of demolition experts will make it disappear swiftly, like a shooting star across the sky. Carefully breaking it down into manageable pieces, we'll haul it away, leaving you with the open yard space you desire. Say goodbye to that deteriorating eyesore and hello to a clean slate!

Plastic Storage Shed

If your plastic storage shed is hogging precious space in your yard, we're here to lend a hand. Our team excels in dismantling and disposing of sheds made of all materials, including plastic. With the precision and efficiency of a surgeon in the operating room, we'll make that shed vanish in no time. Let us handle the tough work, and welcome a spacious and orderly yard with our removal services.


Why Choose Us For Your Shed Removal Needs?

Quick & Efficient
We're really good at getting rid of things you don't want, even if they're big or not in great shape. We can take apart and haul away your old shed super fast, making sure there are no dangerous nails or wood pieces left. You can trust us to make the whole process easy, like cutting through butter with a hot knife.
Free Estimates
We believe in being clear about how much things cost, especially when it comes to removing storage sheds. That's why we give you free estimates that are easy to understand, with no hidden fees or surprises for anything we take away.
Our Friendly Approach to Customer Satisfaction
We do it quickly and efficiently when we take away big things like storage sheds. It's like a tornado in a trailer park – we're in and out, leaving only a clear space behind. Our equipment can break down sheds into smaller pieces, making the removal process simple. You can just relax while we do all the hard work!
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