Van Andel Arena: Discover the Heartbeat of Grand Rapids

If you live in or have been to Grand Rapids, MI, you may already know of Van Andel Arena, the $78 million arena, which is one of the town’s coolest spots. Many people have made great memories here, having come for sports events, concerts, pretty much everything entertainment. And we’re here to give you a first-hand account of what this gem is like and what it means to Grand Rapids and the people of Michigan as a whole. Read on!

What You’ll Find Inside

As a performing arts venue, the Van Andel Arena has a seating capacity of 13,184 for center-stage events and 12,858 for end-stage events. The Arena floor, which spans 85 × 220 ft, has 9,886 permanent seats, including 44 luxury suites and 1800 club seats.

The upper bowl takes 16 of the luxury suites, each with 20 seats; the lower has 24 bowls, each seating 15, with the remaining bowls seating 18 each. On top of that, there’s another 1,300 retractable seats.

During Grand Rapids Griffins ice hockey games, the capacity stands at 10,834.   

The Arena and Sustainability

“We are always looking for ways to reduce waste and be more energy efficient,” said Eddie Tadlock, the Assistant General Manager for SMG.

As part of its green initiatives, Van Andel Arena has implemented several notable efforts to help save the planet. In fact, after participating in the Michigan Battle of the Buildings competition, which is simply an energy and water reduction challenge, the arena was named the 2018 Biggest Loser.

“It’s gratifying to know we reside in a community that places a high priority on environmental impact. We are honored to be recognized for our efforts in reducing our carbon footprint,” he said. 

More Than Just a Venue

Suffice to say, Van Andel Arena isn’t just a classic venue for fun shows but also a hub for the Grand Rapids communal spirit. Not only have we had plenty of fun events here together, but the arena has also helped grow the local economy from the many events being hosted here almost every week if not every other day.

And let’s not forget it’s home to the American Hockey League giants, the Grand Rapid Griffins, and NBA G League’s, the Grand Rapids Gold.

Having diligently served the residents of Grand Rapids, MI, and the surrounding areas for nearly a decade now, we can confidently describe Van Andel Arena as the town’s gem.        

Some Good Old Times

Well, Van Andel Arena has certainly given us some good memories to ponder. Some notable acts that have been hosted here include Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, OneRepublic, P!nk, WWE, Disney, pro boxing matches, and more.

Wrap-Up Party

Well, that’s Van Andel Arena for you, in its full grandeur. As Dumpster Divers LLC, we are paying homage to this iconic spot, and we believe you should, too. So, find yourself in Grand Rapids, MI, and want to have a superb time? You sure know where to go now. And while at it, remember to join us in our commitment to taking care of our planet.    

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