Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park is the place to go when you want to enjoy multiple leisure activities without changing locations. This 158-acre park holds botanical gardens, an outdoor sculpture park, and an art museum in Grand Rapids. 

And it’s not just us at Dumpster Divers LLC that find Frederik Meijer Park marvelous: the park ranks 45th in the most visited parks in the world. Why this much popularity? Well, the park has something that will impress the fiercest critics.

Here are some highlights.

Sculptures Park

Recognized as the best sculpture park in the U.S. by the US Today, the Frederik Meijer Park boasts a 200-sculpture exhibition. These are tastefully displayed across the 30-acre sculpture garden within the park. 

One thing for sure is you need to bring your walking shoes as you will want to see all the sculptures. Ideally, you can break up your tour over several trips to allow yourself enough time to take in the sculptures in all their splendor. 

Interactive Children’s Garden

The park has thoughtfully included children in its offerings. This is through the interactive children’s park. Here, you get a log cabin, tree houses, sandpits, a maze, a sense garden, among other cool features. 

Something else that would be spectacular for children to enjoy is the annual butterfly exhibition that happens In March and April.  During the exhibition, there are as many as 7000 butterflies taking flight within the conservatory. 

The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is among the later additions to the park, and it certainly makes its mark. 

This garden sits on 8 acres and like all other attractions in the park, is a sight to behold. The Japanese garden features a Zen-fashioned rock garden, Japanese maples, and a bonsai garden. Elegant bridges, cherry blossoms, fountains, waterfalls, ponds... everything a dreamy garden should have. 

Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park speaks to the need to create beautiful and sustainable green spaces for people to enjoy. This park is close to our hearts at Dumpster Divers because few causes are bigger than a commitment to green practices. 

Away from sustainability, one of the sculptures we particularly fancy is the Mad Mom, which depicts the universal ability of moms to show approval or disapproval, without speaking a word. 

You’ve got to See It to Believe It

Whether touring the city, looking to move here, or just moved here, the Frederik Meijer Garden should have a prominent place on your bucket list.

With the contribution the park makes to the city’s environmental and cultural richness, what better way to support Grand Rapids than a visit (or several) to this gem?


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